Specifications for SignalyteTM-II

A New Age of Fluorescence Detection

SignalyteTM-II uses proprietary integrating waveguide technology to measure fluorescence signal in a low-cost disposable cuvette. Eight samples, plus one control, are tested in approximately one minute.

Description Ultra-sensitive spectrofluorometer with application software
Detection Modes Fluorescence spectrum
Fluorescence intensity
Read Type Endpoint
Sample format 9 x 35 µL disposable capillary cuvette
Light Source Wavelength-matched LED
Up to 4 LEDs per instrument
Wavelength UV (EX: 365 nm; EM: 400 nm long-pass)
Blue (EX: 470 nm; EM: 515 nm long-pass)
Amber (EX: 590 nm; EM: 630 nm long-pass)
Green (EX: 530 nm; EM: 570nm long-pass)
Red (EX: 635 nm; EM: 665 nm long-pass)
Note: EX is the peak wavelength of the LED, spectral width at ½ of the peak intensity varies with LED.
Multiplex Detection Up to 4 analytes
Emission Filters Long-pass color glass filters
Filter wheel allows up to 6 filters
Detector Cooled CCD spectrometer
Spectral Range 350 – 800 nmn
Limit of Detection* 0.9 atto-mol/cuvette fluorescein
0.09 atto-mol/cuvette Cy5
10 particles/cuvette SPHEROTM Purple nanoparticles (Spherotech, Inc.)
1 pg/mL dsDNA with PicoGreen
Dynamic Range* 6 logs (assay dependent)
Exposure Time 10 msec to 65 sec
Read Out Relative fluorescence
Dimensions (H x W x H) 249 mm (9.8") x 384mm (15.1") x 335mm (13.2")
Weight 13 kg (30 lbs)
User Interface Software to control instrument
Instrument connects to PC (not included) through USB port
Data Output Full spectrum
Fluorescence intensity at user defined wavelength
Excel file export
Minimum System Requirements Windows® 7, Vista, or XP, Pentium 4 processor, 1 GB memory, CD-ROM drive, SVGA display, USB 2.0 port
Power 110-120 V/220-240 V, 50/60 Hz auto select, 3A
Included accessories One sample holder
Calibration tool samples
Application software CD
User manual
*Assay Dependent