Biological Detection


Creatv supplies analytical tools for the medical, food, water, environmental, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Creatv’s research collaborators include USDA, NIH, and numerous universities.

Biodetection Scientific Publications and Presentations

CTC Posters

CTC microfilters and test kits

Precision, high porosity microfilters for enrichment of circulating tumor cells. The enrichment takes only minutes, does not depend on antibody capture, and works with both living and fixed cells.

Spectrofluorometer: SignalyteTM-II

SignalyteTM-II is an ultra-sensitive spectrofluorometer that is up to 1000 times more sensitive than a fluorescent plate reader.

Assay Development Services

Creatv develops custom assays and reagents for PCR detection, as well as immunoassay and quantitation of proteins, bacteria, viruses, disease markers, toxins, spores and other biomarkers.

Custom Detection Systems

Creatv develops custom flow-through in-line continuous pathogen detection instruments for process control, manufacturing and monitoring.