Microfiltration for Circulating Tumor Cells and Stromal Cells

CellSieveTM microfilters and test kits

Precision, high porosity microfilters for enrichment of circulating tumor cells and stromal cells. The enrichment takes only minutes, does not depend on antibody capture, and works with both viable and fixed cells.

Clinical Utility – CellSieveTM Liquid Biopsy


All Solid Tumors

At Risk Groups


General Public


Determine Therapy

Predict Response


Genomic Analysis


Residual Disease

Monitor New Mutations

Early Detection of Recurrence

Applicable to all major solid tumors and all stages of cancer

Micro- and Nano-Fabrication

Creatv’s unique fabrication techniques make precise high-aspect-ratio devices from metals, composites, and ceramic materials.  Examples include high-precision x-ray anti-scatter grids and nuclear collimators.

Creatv’s fabrication methods can be applied to a wide range of microstructures, including x-ray masks, mm-wave devices, medical implants, microfluidics, pin holes, etc.